Kids & Stuff

We had a great time at Kids & Stuff on Friday. The students were able to experience a grocery store, post office, fire station, kitchen, air wall, water table, and more. They learned the importance of working together and had such a fun, hands on day. Thanks to all who joined us and a special thanks to The Miller Foundation for making it possible!

Mystery Reader!

We had another mystery reader today! Mrs. Moore came to read us some stories! The kids love having guest readers… especially when they read books about cancelling bedtime! We had a good discussion about what kinds of things we would do if bedtime got cancelled… some of us wanted to have parties, and others said they would go to bed anyway! ūüôā Keep reading!

Mystery Reader!

To continue celebrating March is Reading Month, we had a Mystery Reader come today to read us a story about baseball! Mr. May surprised us this morning by reading, “Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit!” We learned that some things may be hard for us at first but if we work really hard, we can achieve our goals!


We have been working hard to make sure we are forming our letters correctly. ALL of our letters start at the top! Look for this page to come home to help practice letter formation. Thanks for your help!


Informational: Your writers are making such great progress with their informational writing. We are working hard to make sure we include an introduction to our writing. “I will teach you about…” or asking a question at the beginning… “Do you know about dogs? I will teach you.” After the topic has been introduced, they are working hard to add at least 3 facts about the topic. We have practiced using the words: can, have, are as a guide to help us write. “Dogs can bark. Dogs have four legs. Dogs are animals.” At the end of our writing we have learned to wrap it up by reminding the reader what they learned about. “Now you know about dogs.” Please continue to have conversations with your child about ideas they can write about.


Narrative: We are continuing to work hard with our 3 page stories! It is so important that each page goes together. We have been talking about transition words in our writing… what happened first? Next? Last? Your writers know that they should be able to answer 2 questions after looking at the first page… the “Who?” and the “What?” We have been practicing our planning to make sure we know the words we are going to write. We have also been adding a feeling so the reader knows how the author felt. It is so much fun to see them grow as writers. Keep practicing those sight words!

Sight Words

Many of your children can read ALL of their sight words already! Way to go! Our goal is for all of the students to be able to read AND write these words by the end of Kindergarten. If your child has already mastered these words, no worries, they are already working on a new set. ūüôā

I, am, me, at, the, to, a, and, go, we, is, my, up, it, in, look, like, see, here, said, can, this, you, come, for, was, they, get, have, were, went, saw, want, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, brown, black

Any extra practice they are able to get with identifying and writing these words will help them in their reading and writing. Thanks!

Valentine’s Day

Here is our class list for those of you who want to send in valentines. Do not worry about making a box at home, we will make one together at school. Also, 100’s day and Valentine’s Day now fall on the same day. We will still be doing 100’s day activities! If you have not sent in your 100’s day collection of something to add to our “Hundreds Hash” please send that in anytime next week. Thank you to all of you who have signed up to help with things for our Valentine’s party – your donations are so appreciated!

Addison                                 Grayson

Adele                                      Hector

Asther                                     Isaac

Brayden W.                            Joss

Catherine                                Kai

Christina                                Kiatana

Cody                                        Lily

Brayden B.                            Lucy

Elayna                                    Mackenzie

Evan                                       Mallori

Rondrell                                Ryan




Partner Reading

Check out your readers practicing their sight word book with a partner! They had so much fun sharing their books with each other. Each partner had a job – you were either the reader or the coach. The coaches made sure their partners were touching the words as they read them aloud to check and make sure they were only reading the words on the page! I am so proud of the progress all your readers have made so far this year!

February Food Drive

 February Food Drive


As an extension of our Kindness Week celebration (February 12-16), we will be holding a food drive during the month of February. We are collecting boxes of macaroni and cheese and individual oatmeal packets. You can also donate jars of peanut butter, boxes of cereal, and containers of juice. Everything that is donated will go directly to families in our district. In addition to participating in the food drive, students are encouraged to carry out daily acts of kindness both inside and outside of our school community. While we want to emphasize that we do not need to be recognized for our acts of kindness for them to make a difference, each student will be working to get a bingo on their Kindness Bingo sheet. Their names will then be placed on the front bulletin recognizing their efforts to be kind. Please talk with your child about the importance of kindness, and help them reach their goal of a bingo!

Thank you!

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~Dr. Seuss