Our second graders have had quite the day. They brought in books and blankets and towels and have loved setting up reading spots around the room. They have shared books and magazines with partners, used voices to act as a character, and enjoyed seeing books their friends brought.

We also invited the first graders to our room today to show them our non-fiction posters. These second graders have been working hard on researching a topic and finding interesting facts. They were able to take notes on what they learned – and presented each of their topics today. The first graders were able to learn about dogs, famous people, basketball, space, dinosaurs, sharks, gymnastics, and storms. Keep working hard!!


Starting today our second graders will be starting typing! From now until spring break,  we will be using the laptops to learn proper hand positions and strategies for remembering key locations as well as which fingers are used to press each key. Keyboarding instruction will continue throughout elementary school to help best prepare our students!

Writing Update

Our second grade writers have been learning how to write a review by using persuasive language.   We have children writing reviews about restaurants, movies, books, fun places to go and games.   We like to think of opinion writing like an OREO:


We know that the filling in an OREO is in the middle so we want to include 3 or 4  reasons and examples.

They are doing an awesome job trying to get their reader to think the same way they do!

Writing Celebration!

We wrapped up our non-fiction unit on Friday by celebrating with Mrs. Kuieck’s class. Your children have worked on writing introductions, teaching chapters, diagrams, different kinds of pages, how-to pages, conclusions, glossaries and text features. We have worked on editing by checking for capital letters for names and beginning of sentences, proper punctuation, reading carefully so our sentences make sense, and using our Quick Words to check our spelling. Our next unit is Realistic Fiction!

We wrapped up our non-fiction unit on Friday by celebrating with

Friday Updates

Friday was my first early release day and man do those days fly! We spent our Friday working on Social Studies and learning about maps. We used Google Earth to find our school on the map, starting from way out in space. We also created our own projects starting with us, and our house (keep practicing addresses!), and moving to our city, state, country, and finally world. It was great to hear the kids talk about other states they have been to, and what they know about other places in the world.


Last week, we learned two strategies for how to solve two digit subtraction equations.  This is a crucial skill in second grade and also something that simply takes practice to develop.  The children were amazing and worked so hard!   Here is an explanation of the methods that we will be using (you may want to keep handy for upcoming homework :))


We are welcoming 2017 in with series book clubs.  Each student is part of a series book club with other friends.   We will be focusing on noticing patterns while we read about the character’s traits, the problems in the story and the lessons that were learned by the characters.  This requires our readers to jot sticky notes while they are independently reading so that they are prepared to share for their club conservation.    Children will begin to notice patterns within a series of books, get connected to the characters and hopefully feel inspired to read them all :).

Math Update!

This week, we started a new unit in math that includes counting money using pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars.  Each day our second graders were handling money, identifying coins, and adding them up.

It would be great to practice counting money at home by identifying the coins, identifying the values, separating into groups of similar coins and counting the total amounts (less than $2.00).  The more practice and handling of actual money will help children make a connection between coins and their values.


Here is a parent letter that describes our study of money:



I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for allowing me to work with your wonderful children! I had an amazing experience and learned SO much. I appreciate your patience with me as well, this was a big learning curve for me. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of my time here. I had an AMAZING class to work with! Your kids are great!

Have a Merry Christmas!

-Nate Poll