Last Week of School Celebrations!

Where has this year gone?  These children have become family, and I love them all so dearly! We have studied content:  addition, subtraction, word problems, telling time, reading and writing non fiction… but I hope that through it all your child has gained confidence, a feeling of self worth, respect for others and knowledge of just how special they are and how much they are loved.

Thank you for your support this year through donations, party planning, crowd control, field trip chaperones and homework. Thank you for the flexibility of your child having two teachers this year. But most of all, THANK YOU, for trusting me with your precious little gifts, they will always have a special place in my heart and have been an incredible blessing to me!   I considered it an honor and privilege to work with your kids every day…. I love them to pieces and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.  Have a wonderful summer and please stay in touch! 🙂



We have had a week full of excitement! We kicked off our week with a field trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens, despite the misty weather – we had a great time! Then, we learned about plants and what they need – and even planted our own Indian Corn and Green Beans! We ended the week with toy day and a pizza party!

Reading Update: Fairytales

Our readers began investigating the genre of fairy tales and the ingredients all fairy tales have, including: good/evil characters, once upon a time, happily ever after, magic, royalty and maybe even a lesson that was learned. We looked at a website called Speakaboos where children can read different genres of text including fairy tales. We will have an opportunity to review comprehension strategies, reading with expression (getting into character) and word decoding skills through our study.  Looking forward to learning more about these books!!


Our second graders have had quite the day. They brought in books and blankets and towels and have loved setting up reading spots around the room. They have shared books and magazines with partners, used voices to act as a character, and enjoyed seeing books their friends brought.

We also invited the first graders to our room today to show them our non-fiction posters. These second graders have been working hard on researching a topic and finding interesting facts. They were able to take notes on what they learned – and presented each of their topics today. The first graders were able to learn about dogs, famous people, basketball, space, dinosaurs, sharks, gymnastics, and storms. Keep working hard!!


Starting today our second graders will be starting typing! From now until spring break,  we will be using the laptops to learn proper hand positions and strategies for remembering key locations as well as which fingers are used to press each key. Keyboarding instruction will continue throughout elementary school to help best prepare our students!